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Minimalist design with ♥️

JCorner is owned and operated by Jordan Jacoby, who founded the company in 2016. The company’s humble origins, including its name and logo can be traced back to something as simple as Jordan’s artistic flare and desire to create. Needing a workspace in the new apartment he had recently moved into, but likewise limited on the space available, Jordan’s instincts compelled him to do the only thing feasible. As such, he found a space for his artistic endeavors in a corner of his apartment, where he put together two tables, and thus JCorner came to fruition.

In JCorner’s work there is an emphasis on a liberal worldview driven by acceptance and tolerance towards the entire spectrum, acknowledging that everyone deserves their place in this world. The work incorporates minimalist modern design, combined with admiration and respect to the artistic design context of prior decades.


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